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Signature Collection

Cabana Cabana


Orange · Sriracha · RosemaryVacation begins when you take that first sip of this spicy orange cockta..


Daybreak Daybreak


Lemon Peel  · Fennel · MintThe start of the day brings endless possibilities.  Wake up to the fresh ..


Evergreen Evergreen


Pine · Cedar · SageWhen I light this candle, I am transported to a tranquil winter hike I took years ago throu..


Festive Festive


Orange Rind · Clove · Ginger*Sold Out*Festive represents the gathering of friends and family for the holidays...


Hearth Hearth




Minimalist:  New York City

Minimalist: New York City

Pink Pepper, Vetiver, and SandalwoodCozy, warm and rich with masculine energy. This fragrance reminds me of strolls thro..


Saguaro Saguaro


Cactus Flower · Agave · JasmineFor a brief moment each year, the desert transforms and the cacti suddenly bloo..


Speakeasy Speakeasy


Leather · Smoke · OudBacklit doorways and secret whispers at every corner of the speakeasy.  The smooth f..


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