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Artist Collaborations

Artist Collaborations

In addition to creating classic candles, Arthouse Candles is also dedicated to talented artists.  Meet Allie.  Not only is she a fabulous artist, but she is also the founder of a wonderful kids show called Allieville.  Here's a message from Allie:

Hello Friend!  I live in Brooklyn and this artwork is inspired by my love and appreciation for the NYC Subway Stations.  The layers of paint, advertising and graffiti blend together, creating vibrant textures of history and beauty.  Much like Humans!  Our past and present memories twirl about as our future unfolds.  How unique we each are!

To create my artwork, I use paint, paper, wood and paste.  Dozens of layers are sanded, watered and heated to mimic the elements and bring each piece to life.  Thanks for your support!  For more information or to share your creations, visit 


I'd love to say, Hello Friend!


Allie Olson

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